Introduction "Who We Are"

Jarallah German Specialized Center (JGSC) is a state-of-the-art, multi-specialty medical center located in a prime location in Hawally. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our top-notch specialists, along with a highly trained nursing staff, offer a host of medical and surgical services through innovative medical practices in a serene and modern setting with friendly customer care.


A one-stop, patient-focused, comprehensive medical and surgical center Jarallah German Specilized Center offers the following clinical specialties and support services
Obesity Surgery , Urology (Kuwaiti German Urology Unit), Plastic Surgery, Dermatology Laser and Skin Care, Dentistry, Orthopedic & Spine Unit, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular Medicine Unit, Internal Medicine Unit, Nutrition & Dietetics Unit, Laboratory & Pharmacy.


Jarallah German Speciliazed Center (JGSC), was founded on September 1, 2007 with the aim of improving and adding value to the private health sector in the Kuwait.
Soon afterwards, Jarallah German Spicilized Center (JGSC), a western like private health care multidisciplinary facility was inaugurated as the first clinic to provide high-quality comprehensive health services to all local and expatriate populace living in Kuwait.
Since then, JGSC has grown from basic clinics including Obesity Surgery, Laboratory & X-Ray to Urology (Kuwaiti German Urology Unit), Plastic Surgery ,Dermatology Laser and Skin Care, Dentistry, Orthopedic & Spine Unit ,Pediatrics ,Cardiovascular Medicine ,Internal Medicine, Nutrition & Dietetics Unit and bloomed into Healthcare facility of international standards offering a full range of health services that meet the needs of people in every stage of life: from young parents experiencing the joy of birth to elderly grandparents who may require long-term care. In fact our comprehensive services have enriched the lives of thousands of people living in Kuwait.     



In Jarallah German Specilized Center, we aspire to be the Private Healthcare Facility recognized for setting the standard for excellence and responsiveness in the Kuwait. 
We aim at being desired and chosen by the masses for the provision of high-quality healthcare services due to our excellent service, modern facility and latest technology equipment, skilled and compassionate staff and very friendly at home environment.


Our unswerving mission entails a provision of highest quality comprehensive healthcare services in a caring, friendly, efficient and cost-effective manner that represents a value to our patients, while at the same time sustaining their needs and expectations for the well-being of the community. 
We aspire to provide a positive work environment that promotes respect among staff, empower our staff and encourage them to achieve their full potential.

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  • Address; Hawally, Block 4, Plot 115, Al Mutism Street
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