Dr. Ali Mehdi Zadeh

Dr. Ali Mehdi Zadeh
 Urologist / Health Care Management
More than 14 years of being Consultant Urologist from Germany and over 8 years in Health Care Management. Currently the Head of Kuwaiti German Urology Unit (KGUU) and a business partner, shareholder and CEO of Jarallah German Specialized Clinic in Kuwait. The first existence of KGUU was emanated and developed with 6 Urologists the biggest Urology Center in private sector in Kuwait. Jarallah German Specialized Clinic known as the Biggest Derma & Beauty Clinic in Kuwait with high quality of medical equipments and having several visiting doctors from abroad with different specifications like Plastic Surgery, Physiotherapy, General Surgery, Radiology, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Cardiology, Dental, Nutritionist, Pediatric and Laboratory.
In my career of history management with my extensive experience in leading, structuring and consulting several projects in Kuwait and neighboring Gulf Countries such as building and directing  Inaya Hospital in Mangaf Kuwait. Furthermore I contracted to provide medical leadership in Inaya Center during my term as Medical Director. In addition I am studying different project areas for Medical Rehabilitation Clinics. Presently as the CEO of Jarallah German Specialized Clinic I promoted conducive management system in the clinic, hospitals and outpatients.                                                              
1971—1983                : High School Diploma ( Kuwait)
1983—1992                : Medical Doctor Degree ( Humboldt University – Berlin Germany)
1996                            : Doctors Degree in Medicine ( Humboldt University – Berlin Germany)
1993—1999                 : Doctors Degree Specialized in Urology ( Humboldt University – Berlin Germany)
1999                            : Consultant Urologist
2001                            : Sub specialized for Oncology Surgery in Urology (Berlin Germany).
2001 -2008                  : Head of KGUU in Boushari Clinic Kuwait
2007 - 2010                 : Medical Director of Aman Health Care Group
2007 – til present        : Consultant in different Project Area
2010 –  til present       : Head of KGUU in Jarallah German Specialized Clinic
2010 –  til present       : Partner, Share holder and CEO of Jarallah German Specialized  Clinic.
— Dr. Ali Mehdi Zadeh, Consultant Urologist and Head of Kuwaiti German Urology Unit, CEO & Partner at Kuwait Medical International Company.


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