Dr. Gamal Al Hadad


Ø  Experience for more than 25 years

Ø  Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine - University of Alexandria (1992)

Ø  Masters in Dermatology and Laser Beauty - University of Alexandria (1998)

Ø  Diploma in Urology - University of Alexandria (2000)

Ø  Ph.D. in masculinity and infertility (2011)

Ø  Trained in the Department of Dermatology in Alexandria while earning a Master’s degree in Deputy Visits

Ø  Trained in Urology while receiving a Deputy Visits diploma

Ø  Held dozens of training courses in Egypt, Kuwait, France and Spain in dermatology, laser, cosmetics and infertility

Ø  Attended dozens of international conferences in the field of dermatology, laser and infertility and held laser training courses from international companies such as Cutera & Sciton

Ø  Member of many international, Egyptian and Kuwaiti medical societies in skin care, beauty, laser and masculinity

Ø  Regularly writes articles in Kuwait newspapers on skin and beauty about many diseases

Ø  Editor of the International Association of the Middle East website and magazine on Intermediate disease and infertility and masculinity



Ø  Removal of acne scars and pores and face and neck lifting and removal of wrinkles and stretch marks and the wounds' scars and operations using the latest laser devices

Ø  Removal of pigmentation and skin rejuvenation and treatment of varicose veins and blood vessels using the latest laser devices

Ø  Diagnosis and treatment of acne by medical, laser or mesotherapy treatment

Ø  Treatment and diagnosis of hair loss and a special program to stop hair loss for bariatric patients

Ø  Safe Filler injection: Used to remove deep wrinkles and slack cheeks to beautify face and lips

Ø  Botox: Used in the removal of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead and mouth and raise eyebrows and beautify and preventing excessive sweating using the American brand Allergan

Ø  Whole-body whitening injections: with different concentrations, containing vitamin C, antioxidants and collagen, nourishes the body and slows aging

Ø  Plasma injections: To regenerate skin cells and slow aging

Ø  Mesotherapy and Derma roller injection for the freshness and tightness of the skin and treatment of pigmentation and hair loss and stretch marks and cellulite

Ø  Diagnosis and treatment of dermatological and reproductive diseases and removal of warts

Ø  Programs including the latest laser devices and materials: Mesotherapy, which guarantees you a quick and amazing slimming result with fat dissolving and body lifting

Ø  Face and neck lifting by medical thread

Ø  Skin Care (herbal peeling, caviar, golden catcher, eye care, dark circles, diamond peeling)

Ø  Removal of all types of hair using laser under the supervision of the doctor with the latest devices, which gives impressive results from the first session

Ø  Mouth care, hand care, eye care, hair care and neck care


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