Prof. Paul Fabricius
Study Medicine:
  • since 1966 to 1972 Hombelt Berlin / Germany University ..
  • 1972 doctor Hombelt University - Hombelt / Germany.
  • 1975 PhD in Hombelt University - Berlin / Germany.
  • Canutoa_khasaúa kidney and urinary tract surgery in 1977 Hombelt University - Berlin / Germany.
  • In 1982 a member of the medical team for the Kidney and Urology (with the Head of Department, Professor and Professor Ashit Hovstr) in the invention of the fragmentation of kidney stones - Munich / Germany device.
  • In 1984 a consultant surgeon kidney and urinary tract University of Munich / Germany.
  • 1986 holds a micro-surgical procedures in the kidney and urinary tract surgery -Munich / Germany.
  • In 1988 Professor / Assistant Professor Assistant Professor in the kidney and urinary tract surgery - Munich / Germany University.
  • 1990 consultant kidney surgery and urology Emory / Atlanta - Georgia State University - United States of America.
  • In 1995 a professor at the University of Munich.
  • 2000 - 2009 President of the Association of kidney surgery and urology in the state of Berlin - Germany.
  • Since 2001 - the very day, head of the kidney and urinary tract surgery in a university hospital Nyukuln - Berlin / Germany.
  • 2004 - until now Vice-President of the Assembly of kidney surgery and urology - Berlin State -almanaa.
  • Canutoraschara Kidney and Urology in several medical clinics for the kidneys and urinary tract.
  • Head of Department of the urinary tract in a university hospital Moibt-Berlin / Germany since 1992 to 2001.
  • Director of the Department of the urinary tract in a Berlin hospital clinics since 2001.
  • Head of Urology Association in Berlin since 2001 to 2004.
  • In 1996, holds a degree better eradication process (bladder cancer) of the kidneys and urinary tract European European Assembly in Paris / France.
  • Deployment of more than 102 articles in medical journals and newspapers German / European and US.
  • 1997 holds for the eradication of bladder tumors in the American Medical Association certificate.
  • 1995 holds a certificate of ways to operations surgery (laparoscopic) London / UK.
  • 2001 holds for studies certificate for the removal of stones from the Open College Ways and lithotripsy device from Germany.
  • More than 25-year-old teacher and professor of surgery for kidney and urinary tract at the University of Munich and Berlin, Germany.
  • Participate in more than 500 lecture in a variety of conferences in Germany / Europe / USA and other countries in the kidneys and urinary tract surgery.
  • University Professor and Professor of dozens of doctors graduated from the Germans and foreigners Kidney and Urology / University of Munich - Berlin, Germany.
  • Since 2009 until today by the President of the Assembly of Experts in the diagnosis of medical claims court in the German Medical Association in Berlin in cases of medical issues in the kidney and urinary tract surgery.
  • Surgical Oncology (prostate cancer - bladder - urinary incontinence cancer - prostate surgery - laparoscopic surgery.
  • Operations urology laser, the eradication of kidney stones ureter and urinary Almthanna endoscopic, birth defects and blockage of the ureter and congenital malformations and cosmetic surgery minute correction



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